ToughFit 450LBS Dumbbell Set with 3-Tier Rack – PEV Coated Iron Handle – Black & Yellow


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Get stronger with the ToughFit 450LBS Dumbbell Set featuring a durable PEV coating and non-slip knurl Iron handles. This versatile set includes a 3-tier rack for easy storage and organization. Ideal for strength training and full-body workouts at home gyms!


Brand: ToughFit

Color: black & yellow


  • 【Sets Included】- Contains pair of 5LB, 10LB, 15LB, 20LB, 25LB, 30LB, 35LB, 40LB, 45LB; Dumbbells with 1 X 3-Tier Rack.
  • 【Multiple Weight Options】- Available in 15lbs, 20lbs, 25lbs, 30lbs, 35lbs, 40lbs, 45lbs and 50lbs, sold in single and pairs.
  • 【PEV Coating】- The dumbbell head is PEV coated to ensure our quality and protect your health. With the PEV coating, you no longer need to worry about peeling paint on your dumbbells or any disturbing smell.
  • 【Steel Cast Inner Core】- Compared with iron, steel has stronger quality, which makes our dumbbells more durable and resistant to falls.
  • 【Easy Grip Knurled Handles】- ToughFit Decagon Dumbbell features straight and knurled handles with a 1.27″ diameter for easy grip, even when sweat or weight slips off.
  • 【Unique Decagon Design】- While the head retains the smooth appearance of a round dumbbell, it has edges that prevent rolling, guaranteeing stability and protecting you from potential injuries. These decagon heads are also very gentle on your floor while being easy to store.
  • 【Utility】- ToughFit dumbbells provide comprehensive training and health benefits for users ranging from fitness beginners to professional athletes. Using a set of dumbbells, you can easily achieve your fitness and health goals with minimal space and time constraints, including but not limited to exercising a wide range of muscle groups such as arms, chest, back, legs, and core, performing full-body exercises such as HIIT, Improve your health by lifting weights.


The ToughFit 450LBS Dumbbell Set with 3-Tier Rack offers a complete solution for strength training at home. This set includes pairs of 5LB to 45LB dumbbells, neatly organized on a sturdy rack. The PEV coating ensures durability and protects both the dumbbells and your health. With steel cast inner cores and easy-grip knurled handles, these dumbbells are built to last and easy to handle. The unique decagon design prevents rolling and adds stability during workouts. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional athlete, this set provides a versatile and effective way to enhance your fitness routine, targeting various muscle groups and allowing for full-body exercises.

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