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Enhance ankle strength and flexibility with the yyxsgdmw Ankle Rehabilitation Training Equipment. This innovative device offers two-way full-angle exercise and manual remote control for precise adjustments. With three levels of self-adjustable settings, tailor your rehab routine for optimal results.


Brand: yyxsgdmw

Color: White


  • *[Enhanced Independence with Individual Exercise Control]: The user’s ability to independently control exercises is a key feature. With manual remote control and automated modes, individuals can take control of their recovery journey without relying on outside help.
  • *[Flexible Control Options]: Our ankle rehabilitation training equipment provides manual remote control and automatic flexion and extension modes. This dual functionality enables users to exercise independently without the help of others. Flexibility in control options caters to users of varying abilities and preferences.
  • *[Natural Movement Simulation]: During plantar flexion, the foot moves downward around the ankle joint, mimicking natural anatomical movement. Similarly, dorsiflexion involves an upward bending movement. This realistic simulation ensures that exercises are closely integrated with natural joint movements, optimizing the effectiveness of the rehabilitation process.
  • *[Speed Adjustable Clear Angle Turntable]: The clear angle turntable provides users with a visual reference to improve accuracy during exercise. With three adjustable speed settings, users can customize the intensity of recovery to gradually progress and adapt to individual needs.
  • *[Comprehensive Two-Way Full-Angle Exercise]: Our ankle rehab training provides a versatile range of motion from -30° to 40°, allowing users to perform plantar flexion and dorsiflexion ankle exercises. This full-angle exercise ensures a comprehensive rehabilitation approach, targeting multiple aspects of ankle mobility.


Enhance your ankle rehabilitation journey with the yyxsgdmw Ankle Rehabilitation Training Equipment. This innovative device offers two-way full-angle exercise capabilities, empowering users with precise control through manual remote control. With three levels of self-adjustable settings, users can customize their workout intensity for optimal recovery. The equipment’s natural movement simulation closely mimics anatomical movements, ensuring exercises are effective and integrated with the body’s natural range of motion. The clear angle turntable with adjustable speed settings provides visual guidance and flexibility for users of varying abilities. Experience comprehensive ankle rehabilitation with yyxsgdmw, designed to promote independence and efficiency in your recovery process.

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