About Us

Inexpensive and easy to use, Peach Frog is the online store that allows users to find nearly any home appliance they might need while not having to leave their home. Home decor, appliances, furnishings, kitchen and bath products with the latest trends, hottest looks and greatest value.

If you are looking for a specialized online store that sells exclusive home products, you found the one! Peach Frog is a web store created by people who love and care about high quality furniture and household appliances. In our online store, you will find only the best high-end products from your favorite brands!

Peach Frog wants to be your home product supplier. We offer affordable kitchen and furniture appliances online. Our aim is to provide you with quality products that make your life easier if you decide to buy them in our store. We have everything you need to complete every aspect of your home both inside and out. All of our products are new, which helps you save money, while keeping everything quality-checked by someone else so there is less strain on yourself when building, renovating or simply being a homeowner.