Inflatable Time Human Hamster Ball Kids 2.5M Clear Zorb Ball


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Explore the ultimate outdoor fun with the 2.5M/8.2ft Human Hamster Ball for kids. This clear inflatable Zorb Ball allows you to zip up, roll, and tumble on grass and in the backyard. Get ready for hours of laughter and excitement with this unique and entertaining activity.


Brand: Inflatable Time


Experience endless fun and excitement with the Human Hamster Ball Kids 2.5M/8.2ft Human Bubble Ball from Inflatable Time. This clear inflatable zorb ball allows kids to get inside and zip up for a thrilling adventure in outdoor grass and backyard settings. Made with high-quality materials, this bubble ball ensures durability and safety while providing entertainment for kids of all ages. Bring laughter and joy to any outdoor gathering or party with this unique and engaging inflatable zorb ball.

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Dimensions 98.4 × 98.4 × 98.4 cm