Ab Coaster Ab Solo Abdominal Exercise Machine with Patented Ball Return Design, Touch Targets, Repetition Counter, Training Balls Included Black


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Improve your core with the Ab Solo – a top-notch abdominal exercise machine with a patented ball return design for seamless workouts. Featuring touch targets and a repetition counter, this sleek black machine comes with training balls to enhance your exercise regimen. Elevate your fitness routine with the ultimate ab workout companion.


Brand: Ab Coaster

Color: Black


  • The Ab Solo is a fun and effective abdominal exercise machine that keeps users excited about working their core.
  • With a patented ball return design, the all-new Ab Solo features a sleek design with a smaller footprint and quieter performance than the original.
  • The new Ab Solo also features 3 “touch targets” for more training variety and an innovative air-filled bumper seat for an effective core workout.
  • Repetition counter keeps track of your training session and counts how many times a training ball has been thrown to the target. (Training balls included)


The Ab Solo Abdominal Exercise Machine by Ab Coaster is a dynamic fitness tool designed to make core workouts engaging and effective. Featuring a patented ball return design, this sleek machine boasts a compact footprint and quiet operation. It incorporates three touch targets for versatile training options and an air-filled bumper seat for an intense core workout experience. The built-in repetition counter helps you monitor your progress by tracking how many times you’ve thrown the training balls at the targets, with training balls included. Get ready to enhance your abdominal workout routine with the Ab Solo.

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