Core-Tex RT Single Handrail Black


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Get ready for a versatile workout with the Core-Tex RT (Single Handrail)! This innovative fitness equipment combines balance, strength, and cardio training in one compact design. Enhance your workouts and challenge your body with this easy-to-use and effective tool.


Brand: Core-Tex

Color: Black


  • Completely redesigned heavy duty base and handrail
  • Adjustable Handrail: Maximal height 46.5″; width 30″
  • Dish (platform): 30″ in diameter – new padded platform provides comfort with sitting, kneeling and planking type exercises
  • New platform design for evaluation and coaching tools – platform face provides designated vectors for improved instructional cueing
  • Used by Major Sports Teams and the finest health clubs and trainers around the world


The Core-Tex RT (Single Handrail) is a highly durable and versatile fitness tool designed by Core-Tex. With its completely redesigned heavy-duty base and handrail, this product ensures stability and safety during your workout sessions. The adjustable handrail can reach a maximum height of 46.5″ and has a width of 30″, providing ample support for various exercises. The 30″ diameter dish platform is padded for comfort and allows for sitting, kneeling, and planking exercises. Additionally, the new platform design offers evaluation and coaching tools, with designated vectors on the platform face for improved instructional cueing. Trusted by major sports teams and top health clubs worldwide, the Core-Tex RT (Single Handrail) is a must-have for fitness enthusiasts looking to take their training to the next level.

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