NA Children’s Balance Trainer Yoga Half-Ball Blue/Green/Orange/Pink/Purple/Red


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Enhance your child’s sensory development with our Children’s Balance Early Education Sensory Trainer. This thickened foot massage half-ball yoga instrument, shaped like a durian ball, provides fun and effective ways for kids to improve balance and coordination. Invest in your child’s growth and well-being today!


Brand: N\A

Color: Blue,Green,Orange,Pink,Purple,Red


  • Children balance early education. Training foot massage. Half-ball yoga instrument. Durian ball
  • Protective material. Easy for all ages. Parent-child interaction
  • Logical thinking. Exercise. Focus. Children’s toys
  • Sensory system. Semicircle massage ball. Strong health. Promote children’s pure face intelligence development.
  • Sensory movement training equipment. Exercise, body. Flexible limbs. Qingqin color matching. Enrich children’s color world. Colorful colors. Make children feel comfortable. The mood is balanced. Behavior becomes spiritual magic figure coordinated.


Enhance your child’s early education and sensory development with the NA Children’s Balance Early Education Sensory Trainer Thickened Foot Massage Half-Ball Yoga Instrument Durian Ball. This innovative product offers a fun way to train balance and logical thinking while promoting sensory system development. Made from protective material, it is safe and easy for all ages to use, encouraging parent-child interaction. The colorful design stimulates children’s creativity and enriches their color world, while the semicircle massage ball provides a soothing foot massage for strong health. Invest in this sensory movement training equipment to help your child build focus, flexibility, and coordination, all while enjoying a balanced and magical play experience.

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