TOGU 30-4090 Dynaswing Balance Ball – 34″ x 22


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Enhance your balance and core strength with the TOGU Dynaswing Balance Ball. Measuring at 34″ x 22″, this versatile fitness tool is designed to help improve stability and coordination. Elevate your workout routine with this premium quality balance ball.


Brand: Togu


  • Premium, German-made balance trainer and fitness ball all in one
  • Allows for a wide variety of training exercises, while oversized ground plate provides safety and stability
  • Use while sitting or standing to activate deep muscles
  • Improve perception, coordination, power and stability
  • Supports a 330 lb. weight capacity


Enhance your workout routine with the TOGU 30-4090 Dynaswing Balance Ball. This premium, German-made balance trainer and fitness ball combo offers versatility and safety in one. Perfect for a wide range of training exercises, its oversized ground plate ensures stability throughout your workout. Whether sitting or standing, this balance ball activates deep muscles, improving perception, coordination, power, and stability. With a weight capacity of 330 lbs., this Dynaswing Balance Ball is a reliable companion for achieving your fitness goals.

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