Yes4All Folding Wall Mounted Power Cage Multi Metal Grip Dip Handle Attachment


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Maximize your home gym space with the Yes4All Wall Mounted Power Cage. This versatile metal grip dip handle attachment allows for a wide range of upper body exercises. Compact and sturdy, this folding cage is perfect for strength training enthusiasts.


Brand: Yes4All

Color: Power Cages with Multi Grip Dip Bars


  • 1000LBS CAPACITY FOR LONG-LASTING AND STABLE USAGE: Folding Squat Rack is crafted from robust 2″ x 2″ 11 gauge steel, boasting a 1/8-inch thickness, creating a powerhouse for your mini home gym
  • SPACE SAVER WITH FOLDING RACK: To maximize your home gym, power rack is conveniently stored by simply removing the pull-up bar & folding the side uprights inward after use; Optimized hinge design ensures smooth folding without any jams/hitches
  • SECURE WORKOUT: With non slip rubber feet, foldable weight rack power cage provides secure stability during workouts; It safeguards home gym floor from scratches, enhances stability, reduces noise, and ensures uninterrupted, smooth workouts
  • COME WITH HIGH QUALITY ACCESSORIES: Power cage home gym accessories include J hook, 360° Landmine, Dip bar & adjustable Pull up bar for modifying your workout needs; Folding squat & power rack wall mounted are easy to put on either wood stud or concrete wall
  • VERSATILE HOME GYM: The wall mounted squat rack foldable, in combination with a bench, dip bar, and included accessories, transforms into a versatile Smith machine home gym; Enjoy pull ups, bench presses, and weightlifting, all in one compact setup


Maximize your home gym space with the Yes4All Folding Wall Mounted Power Cage. Built with a sturdy 2″ x 2″ 11 gauge steel frame, this power cage boasts a 1000lbs capacity for long-lasting and stable usage. The convenient folding design allows you to easily store the rack by removing the pull-up bar and folding the side uprights inward after use. Non-slip rubber feet ensure secure stability during workouts while protecting your floor. This power cage comes with high-quality accessories including J hook, 360° Landmine, Dip bar, and adjustable Pull up bar to customize your workout needs. Transform your space into a versatile home gym with this wall-mounted squat rack that allows for a variety of exercises such as pull-ups, bench presses, and weightlifting all in one compact setup.

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