Surf ShuvIT Wakesurf Balance Trainer Black Red


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Master the art of a shuvit with the Surf ShuvIT Wakesurf Balance Trainer in black and red. The Shuvitboard helps you learn and perfect your shuvit skills quickly and easily. Take your wakesurfing to the next level with this innovative training tool.


Color: Black Red


  • Free Spinning No Wobbly Motion Less than 3 inches off the ground when standing on it. EVA top for comfort to your feet Rubber Banding around Top Edge Rubber Banding around Base Edge – prevents floor scuffing and movement when spinning Base coated with rubber coating High Capacity bearing Durable Construction Fun for all


Enhance your wakesurfing skills with the Surf ShuvIT (Black Red) Wakesurf Balance Trainer, also known as The Shuvitboard. This innovative trainer allows you to quickly master the shuvit move with its free-spinning design that minimizes wobbly motion. Standing at less than 3 inches off the ground, it provides stability and comfort with an EVA top and rubber banding around the edges to prevent scuffing. The durable construction and high-capacity bearing ensure longevity, making it a fun and essential tool for wakesurfers of all levels.

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Dimensions 40.0 × 18.0 × 3.0 cm