XMark Olympic Weight Set 365 lb TEXAS STAR Rubber-Coated Bar & Weight Set Black


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Enhance your home gym with the XMARK Olympic Weight Set featuring a 365 lb TEXAS STAR Rubber-Coated design. Includes an XMARK BLACKSMITH Barbell Bar for a complete weightlifting experience. Elevate your workout routine with this durable and stylish barbell weight set.


Brand: XMark

Color: 17) Bar & 365 lb Weight Set


  • TRANSFORM YOURSELF: A blacksmith can take a piece of iron or steel and transform it into a work of art. With that same sweat, determination, and hard work you can transform your body using the XMARK BLACKSMITH 7′ straight Olympic bar. Includes 365 lb Set of TEXAS STAR rubber coated Olympic weight plates: (4) 45 lb, (2) 35 lb, (2) 25 lb, (4) 10 lb, (4) 5 lb, and (2) 2.5 lb. COLLARS NOT INCLUDED.
  • WEIGHTLIFTING WHIP: The BLACKSMITH Olympic barbell is an excellent choice for weight lifting, cross training, and high intensity interval training (HIIT) with the perfect amount of whip. The chrome sleeves of BLACKSMITH barbells rotate freely on brass bushings. Its 28 mm grip has medium depth fine knurling, dual-spec IWF & IPF marks, and center knurling featuring a superior, firm grip without a harsh cheese grater feel.
  • OLYMPIC WEIGHT SET: Look no further. Our unique TEXAS STAR Patented Design and uncompromising standards have pushed this plate to the forefront. Virgin and recycled rubber coating for toughness. All rubber products may have a distinct scent which should dissipate over time. Precision tooled stainless-steel inserts allow the plates to slide freely on the bar.
  • INVEST IN QUALITY: The BLACKSMITH is a versatile squat bar, deadlift bar, bench press bar, and much more. As a quality addition to any gym’s barbell set, your XMARK 7′ BLACKSMITH Olympic straight bar is an investment that’s designed to last. Take a couple of minutes to protect your investment by wiping down your barbell regularly with a light coat of a 3-in-1 oil.
  • DURABILITY: This weight bar is solid and built like a tank! XMARK is a trusted brand in strength training equipment found in schools, commercial gyms, and home gyms across the United States. Long-lasting durability is what you can expect from our products. XMARK delivers only the best for your money.


Transform your body with the XMARK Olympic Weight Set featuring the BLACKSMITH 7′ straight Olympic bar and a 365 lb TEXAS STAR rubber-coated Olympic weight plate set. This set includes a variety of weight plates ranging from 45 lb to 2.5 lb to cater to all your strength training needs. The BLACKSMITH barbell offers the perfect amount of whip for weightlifting, cross-training, and high-intensity interval training, with chrome sleeves that rotate freely on brass bushings. The TEXAS STAR design with virgin and recycled rubber coating ensures durability, while precision tooled stainless-steel inserts allow the plates to slide smoothly on the bar. Invest in quality with XMARK, a trusted brand known for its long-lasting and reliable strength training equipment.

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