Kreitler Alloy 3.0″ Rollers One Color


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Experience a smooth ride with Kreitler Alloy 3.0″ Rollers. These high-quality bike rollers offer superior durability and help improve your cycling skills. Enhance your indoor training sessions with Kreitler, the trusted choice of cyclists worldwide.


Brand: Kreitler

Color: One Color


  • 100-Percent Made in the USA
  • Available in various drum diameters (4.5-Inch, 3.0-Inch, 2.25-Inch) and all are 15-Inch wide
  • The Killer Headwind fan is a great add-on that features adjustable resistance and a cooling breeze; The fan unit can be rotated to point the airflow low or high


Enhance your indoor cycling experience with the Kreitler Alloy 3.0″ Rollers. Made by Kreitler, a renowned brand known for quality cycling products, these rollers are 100% made in the USA. Available in a sleek one-color design, these rollers come in various drum diameters to suit your preference. The standout feature of these rollers is the optional Killer Headwind fan, offering adjustable resistance and a refreshing breeze as you pedal. With the ability to rotate the fan for airflow direction, these rollers provide a realistic outdoor riding sensation from the comfort of your home.

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Dimensions 18.0 × 12.0 × 4.0 cm