Werner Ovation Carbon Kayak Paddle 240cm


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Experience the ultimate performance on the water with the Werner Ovation Carbon Kayak Paddle. Crafted with a durable carbon construction and a sleek straight shaft design, this paddle delivers power and precision for all your kayaking adventures. Get ready to elevate your paddling experience with the Werner Ovation Carbon paddle.

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Brand: Werner


  • Ultimate performance, to a higher level with the Ovation. Our lightest best paddling paddle has no detail overlooked, even down to the custom, small sized-light weight, drip rings.
  • The volume of the buoyant, full carbon, blade creates an exceedingly light feel for effortless and confident strokes.
  • Smooth back face and thinner edges allow for a quieter catch and effortless exit of the stroke.
  • Dihedral allows for smooth and stable forward paddling, a core philosophy for Werner.
  • Mid-sized blades are an ideal fit for the great majority of average size paddlers.


Experience ultimate performance with the Werner Ovation Carbon Straight Shaft Kayak Paddle-240cm. Crafted by Werner, this paddle is designed to take your paddling experience to the next level. The buoyant full carbon blade creates a light and effortless feel, while the smooth back face and thinner edges ensure a quiet catch and easy stroke exit. The dihedral design promotes smooth and stable forward paddling, making it ideal for all skill levels. With custom lightweight drip rings and mid-sized blades, this paddle is perfect for average size paddlers looking for precision and comfort on the water.

UPC: 840463106051

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