Werner Athena Carbon Bent-Shaft Paddle


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Experience ultimate power and control on the water with the Werner Athena Carbon Bent-Shaft Paddle. This high-performance paddle features an adjustable ferrule for customized feathering, while the lightweight carbon construction reduces fatigue during long paddling sessions. Elevate your kayaking experience with the Werner Athena paddle.


Brand: Werner


  • Small-sized Performance Core blades,Low angle design,Carbon weave w/ Dynel trim
  • Buoyant foam core,Slight spoon shape & dihedral back,48 x 15cm, 550 sq cm
  • Continuous weave carbon shaft,2-piece take-apart design,
  • Smart View adjustable offset,Drip rings,Neutral bent shaft: 25.5 oz
  • Handcrafted in Sultan, WA,1-year manufacturer warranty


The Werner Athena Carbon Bent-Shaft Paddle with Adjustable Ferrule is a top-tier choice for paddlers seeking both performance and durability. Crafted by hand in Sultan, WA, this paddle features small-sized Performance Core blades with a low angle design, offering precision and efficiency in the water. The buoyant foam core and slight spoon shape provide excellent buoyancy and control, while the continuous weave carbon shaft ensures lightweight strength. With a smart View adjustable offset and drip rings for added convenience, this 2-piece take-apart design paddle is ideal for kayakers looking to elevate their experience on the water.

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