Valor Fitness Weightlifting Bundle Olympic Bench w/Spotter, 40lb Bar, 160lb Plates Metallic Grey and Black


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Get the ultimate workout package with the Valor Fitness BF-7B200 Weightlifting Bundle, featuring an Olympic bench with spotter, a 40lb Olympic chrome bar, and 160lb of polyurethane Olympic plates with spring clips. Elevate your weightlifting routine and achieve your fitness goals with this comprehensive set. Train like a pro and take your strength and endurance to the next level with this all-in-one weightlifting solution.


Brand: Valor Fitness

Color: Metallic Grey and Black


  • Bundle: Includes OlympicWeight Bench BF-7 with Spotter Stand, the Men’s Olympic Barbell OB-86-1000SB, and a 160 lb set of Polyurethane Olympic Plates
  • Olympic Bench: Tripod frame with a high-density vinyl bench pad for optimal comfort. Dual position steel striker plate for bar support and scratch prevention. Reinforced, sturdy, steel spotter stand built into the frame to safely hold spotter weight and make it easier to spot the user
  • Olympic Bar: Includes a 20 kg (44 lb) bar weight, with 150k PSI tensile strength. Protective rubber ring on collar. Chrome plated sleeves with 15.25″ of loadable length. 30 mm diameter, measuring 86.25” in length. Standard knurling grip with knurl-free guide mark and a center knurling
  • Olympic Plates: Includes a 160lb set of Olympic Plates with 3 grip handles. Set includes a pair of 45 lb plates, a pair of 25 lb plates, and 4 – 5 lb plates. Plates feature a high-quality polyurethane coating for a long-lasting great look. Featuring 2” stainless steel inserts to easily slide on and off the bar sleeves
  • Additional: This bundle also includes 2 Spring Clips to ensure the weights do not slide off the bar during use. Ideal addition to home gym.


Enhance your weightlifting routine with the Valor Fitness BF-7B200 Weightlifting Bundle. This comprehensive set includes the Olympic Bench BF-7 with Spotter Stand, a Men’s Olympic Barbell OB-86-1000SB, and a 160 lb set of Polyurethane Olympic Plates. The Olympic Bench features a sturdy tripod frame, high-density vinyl bench pad, and a reinforced spotter stand for added safety. The Olympic Barbell boasts a 20 kg weight with 150k PSI tensile strength and chrome plated sleeves. The Olympic Plates come in a 160 lb set with 3 grip handles and a durable polyurethane coating. Spring Clips are included to secure the weights in place. Ideal for any home gym setup, this bundle offers quality and versatility for your weightlifting needs.

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