Valor Fitness Adjustable Bench with Leg Support – 7 Position Back Pad, 4 Position Seat Pad – DD-25 Adjustable Bench with Wheels


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Achieve versatile workouts with the Valor Fitness DD Adjustable Bench. Featuring a 7-position back pad and 4-position seat pad, it offers comfort and flexibility for various exercises. With added leg support and wheels for easy mobility, this bench is the ideal choice for your home gym.


Brand: Valor Fitness

Color: DD-25 Adjustable Bench with Wheels


  • HEAVY-DUTY GYM BENCH- Constructed of 12-gauge solid Steel for strength and durability. HIGH-DENSITY PADDING- Dual-layered, high-density, Vinyl padding can withstand intense stress and pressure (measures 17” high).
  • CONTOURED SEAT PAD- Added benefit of contoured wrap-around seat pad for bench workout comfort. 4 adjustment leg support positions will hold legs in place when performing decline exercises and sit ups.
  • MOBILE- 2 high-quality Nylon wheels in the back of the frame and a non-slip grip handle allow the user to move the bench around to meet their personal exercises needs. RUBBER END CAPS- Create added stability and prevent damage to home gym floors.
  • 7 POSITIONS- Back pad allows for 7 different adjustments including flat, incline, and decline to focus on different muscle groups and customize your workout. Seat pad allows for 4 positions.
  • ADDITIONAL- Use this adjustable workout bench in combination with the Valor Fitness EX-2 Preacher Curl Attachment or EX-1 Leg Lift Attachment, both sold separately. Max weight load of 500 lb (including body weight).


The Valor Fitness DD Adjustable Bench offers versatility and durability for your home gym workouts. Constructed from 12-gauge solid steel, it features high-density dual-layered vinyl padding for comfort and support during intense exercises. With a contoured seat pad and 4 leg support positions, this bench ensures stability and comfort for various workout routines. The 7-position back pad allows for flat, incline, and decline adjustments to target different muscle groups. Equipped with wheels and a non-slip grip handle, this bench is easy to move around, while rubber end caps provide stability and floor protection. Compatible with Valor Fitness attachments, this bench has a max weight load of 500 lbs, making it a versatile and essential addition to your home gym setup.

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