MiM USA Commercial Smith Machine Functional Trainer & Power Rack Black Red


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Get the ultimate workout experience with the MiM USA Commercial Smith Machine Functional Trainer & Power Rack. This all-in-one gym trainer includes an adjustable weight bench, perfect for targeting multiple muscle groups. Elevate your fitness routine with this versatile and sturdy equipment on a durable frame.


Brand: MiM USA

Color: Black red


  • Commercial Trainer: The MiM USA professional combo power rack was designed and built for 24/7 continuous commercial exercise, including intense weightlifting and strength training. This commercial-grade combo rack is designed for gyms, clubs, and athletic institutions, which are open 24 hours a day, around the clock, and have been in constant usage by different users for years. It goes without saying this giant gym machine is an ideal choice for a home gym too. You never need to replace it for t
  • Muti Users Machine: MiM USA Combo rack can be used by two people simultaneously. This professional piece of gym equipment is an integrated strength training machine that provides a variety of workouts and lots of storage space for plates and accessories. One side of the rack allows adjustable cable cross positioning and functional training, and a pull-up handle enables the exerciser’s various functions. The other side offers all functions of a power rack, squat, smith, and weightlifting workouts
  • Versatile Machine: Our MiM USA commercial combo rack includes a smith machine, cable cross machine, functional trainer, power rack/cage, and squat machine. This all-in-one strength workout training system offers everything you need to strengthen all major muscle groups. It is a perfect workout machine for whole-body strength workouts, weightlifting, and squat exercises. Efficiently perform hundreds of different activities for the shoulder, arms, chest, back, abs, core, and legs. Variety of funct
  • Safe to Use & Super Big Size: You will love this super big-size combo power rack. Your all-time workout buddy for life! This truly all-in-one gym machine features a safe and super sturdy structure for 24/7 workouts by different exercisers. It is undoubtedly one of the best, biggest, most reliable, and most comfortable machines in the market. Assembled Dimensions: (Length: 98 inches) (Height: 98 inches) and (Width: 73 inches) Gross Weight: 1520 pounds, Maximum User’s Weight up to 600 pounds
  • Warranty: 5 years on the frame.


The MiM USA Commercial Smith Machine Functional Trainer & Power Rack with Adjustable Weight Bench is a powerhouse gym trainer designed for both commercial and home use. Built for 24/7 continuous exercise, this combo rack offers a variety of workout options for multiple users simultaneously. With features like a smith machine, cable cross machine, functional trainer, power rack/cage, and squat machine all in one, this versatile system allows for whole-body strength training. The super big-size design ensures a safe and sturdy structure for intense workouts, with a maximum user weight of up to 600 pounds. Backed by a 5-year warranty on the frame, this all-in-one gym machine is a reliable choice for serious fitness enthusiasts.

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Weight 1520.0 kg
Dimensions 98.0 × 73.0 × 98.0 cm