Togu Posturedo Balance Board Red


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Improve your balance and posture with the TOGU 30-4140 Posturedo Balance Board. Measuring 5″ in height, 26″ in width, and 28″ in length, this versatile tool is a must-have for fitness enthusiasts. Enhance your workouts and achieve better stability with this red balance board.


Brand: Togu


  • Premium, German-made balance board is ideal for all high-traffic training and therapy centers
  • Designed to enhance and support posture, coordination and strength after surgery
  • Air-filled design allows the instability level to be easily adjusted
  • Large plate allows users to train in standing and lying positions
  • Supports a 440 lb. weight capacity


The TOGU 30-4140 Posturedo Balance Board is a premium, German-made balance board that is perfect for high-traffic training and therapy centers. It is specifically designed to improve posture, coordination, and strength, making it an excellent tool for rehabilitation after surgery. The air-filled design allows for easy adjustment of the instability level, ensuring a customized workout experience. With its large plate, users can train in both standing and lying positions, further enhancing versatility. This balance board can support up to 440 lbs., making it suitable for a wide range of users. Invest in the TOGU 30-4140 Posturedo Balance Board and take your training and therapy sessions to the next level.

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