LoJok Yoga Stand 9.6 FT Inversion Swing Stand Rose Red


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Elevate your yoga practice with the LoJok Yoga Stand – a sturdy 9.6 FT inversion frame designed for aerial yoga enthusiasts. With a weight capacity of 551lbs/250kg and a 217in/5.5m yoga swing, this bundle includes safety belts for added peace of mind during inversions. Achieve new heights in your practice with this premium yoga setup.


Brand: LoJok

Color: Rose Red


  • Effortless Setup: Experience the convenience of our yoga frame’s easy assembly. Designed with user-friendly components and clear instructions, you’ll be able to set it up quickly and effortlessly. No more wasting time and energy struggling with complicated instructions or frustrating tools. With our aerial yoga stand, you can start your practice in no time and enjoy the benefits of yoga without any unnecessary delays.
  • Your Peace of Mind: Our yoga stand is built to withstand rigorous use with a weight capacity exceeding 550lbs. With a robust triangular design, safety straps, carabiners, and anti-slip feet, it ensures stability and eliminates safety concerns. Rest assured, our yoga stand provides the peace of mind you need during practice.
  • Stretch Yoga Fabric: We offer 217in / 5.5m yoga stretch fabric. It is soft and strong, which has the super load-bearing capacity and good anti-skid rebound. The fabric can be attached to the yoga rig by the main lock and O-belt. The yoga stretch fabric not only looks beautiful, but also helps user do many yoga practices.
  • Customizable for You: Our yoga rack features 2 adjustable height levels to cater to your unique preferences and requirements. Whether practicing indoors or outdoors, easily adjust the rack’s height for optimal comfort, alignment, and body positioning. Enhance the effectiveness and enjoyment of your practice with this flexible solution
  • Beyond Yoga: Our yoga stand is not limited to just yoga; it offers endless possibilities for a wide range of exercises. From pilates and strength training to aerial arts and suspension workouts, this versatile frame expands your fitness routine and allows you to explore new dimensions of physical fitness. It’s a valuable addition to any home gym or studio, providing you with a variety of options to challenge yourself and reach your fitness goals.


Experience the convenience and peace of mind with the LoJok Yoga Stand in Rose Red. Effortlessly set up this sturdy aerial yoga frame with its user-friendly components and clear instructions, allowing you to start your practice quickly without any hassle. With a weight capacity exceeding 550lbs, robust triangular design, safety straps, carabiners, and anti-slip feet, this stand ensures stability and safety during your yoga sessions. The 217in / 5.5m stretch yoga fabric is soft, strong, and customizable, offering endless possibilities for various exercises beyond yoga, such as pilates, strength training, aerial arts, and suspension workouts. Enhance your fitness routine and reach your goals with this versatile and durable yoga stand from LoJok.

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