YBell TRX Neo Kettlebell Dumbbell Push Up Bar 6 Piece Set


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Take your home workouts to the next level with the TRX YBell Neo 6-piece bundle pack. This versatile set combines kettlebell, dumbbell, and push up bar in one, offering a range of exercises for a complete workout. Crafted with commercial-grade strength training surface, it’s the ultimate fitness solution for all levels.


Brand: YBell

Color: 6 Piece Set


  • COMFORTABLE, COMPACT, AND EASY TO USE – This set includes (2) 18.5lbs, (2) 22.5lbs & (2) 27lbs weights. The 3-in-1 TRX YBell Series is considered the best free weight set for a home gym by countless customers. The TRX YBell is a dumbbell, kettlebell and push-up stand all in one tool. With the TRX YBell, a grip change is an equipment change. By changing your grip on the TRX YBell, the weight distribution shifts changing it from one piece of equipment to another
  • WHAT WE HAVE THAT OTHERS DON’T – Exercise diversity and variety, streamlined training sessions and enhanced user experience, multi-grip design & cost and space saving. Commercial grade neoprene coated surface and premier finishing for optimal gripping
  • STRENGTH TRAINING EQUIPMENT – Compact, portable piece of fitness equipment designed for endless workouts. Ideal solution for light or heavy weight-oriented users and training styles. Use the YBell as an added weight to ground based exercises such as push-ups, sit ups, and squats
  • EXERCISE EQUIPMENT YOU NEED – The TRX YBell’s outer grips emulates a kettlebell. Because the weight distribution isn’t as harsh as a standard kettlebell, the TRX YBell is seen as the best kettlebell weight set for beginners. By changing your grip on the TRX YBell, the weight distribution shifts changing it from one piece of equipment to another
  • HOME GYM WORKOUT – Using the TRX YBell’s center grip, the weight is evenly distributed allowing it to serve as a dumbbell. Replace your free weights and perform standard dumbbell exercises such as bicep curls, overhead presses, chest presses and more. With the variety of grips available, the TRX YBells are one of the best-selling fitness tools on the market. Great for HIIT, functional training, strength training and yoga
  • AWARD-WINNING DESIGN – After reviewing thousands of different fitness products, only a handful fell under Women’s Health Magazine and Men’s Health Magazine’s list of best free weights and we’re happy to announce that that the YBell was atop that list. According to Health & Fitness Directors for both publications, the YBell’s multi-grip design allowed for the utmost versatility


Enhance your home gym with the TRX YBell Neo Kettlebell, Dumbbell, and Push Up Bar 6 Piece Bundle Pack. This versatile set includes (2) 18.5lbs, (2) 22.5lbs, and (2) 27lbs weights, combining the functionality of a dumbbell, kettlebell, and push-up stand in one compact tool. The TRX YBell offers exercise diversity and variety, streamlined training sessions, and enhanced user experience with its multi-grip design. Its commercial-grade neoprene coating ensures optimal gripping during strength training workouts. From beginner to advanced users, the TRX YBell is the ideal solution for a range of training styles, making it a must-have addition to your fitness equipment collection.

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