WaterRower Club Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor Lo-Rise


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Experience the premium quality of the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor, proudly crafted in the USA. Perfect for both home and gym use, this original handcrafted ergonomic machine offers the best warranty for your peace of mind. Discover the ultimate rowing experience today!


Brand: WaterRower

Color: Lo-Rise


  • THE ORIGINAL WATERROWER – HANDCRAFTED AND BUILT TO LAST – Designed in the mid ’80s by Yale and US National Team Rower John Duke. WaterRower continues to combine stylish design, handcrafted workmanship, our unique WaterFlywheel resistance and ethically sourced materials create the world’s finest rowing simulator
  • MADE IN USA – Hand-built in Rhode Island; all timber used in the manufacture of wooden WaterRower rowing machines is sourced from sustainably managed hardwood forests in the Appalachian Mountains. The Club is handcrafted in solid Ash and stained for color
  • SMOOTH – Water rowers use a water-filled flywheel to provide resistance as you row. The resistance is created by the paddle-like blades of the flywheel moving through the water, creating a smooth and natural resistance that closely resembles the feeling of rowing on water.  Like water, the harder you fight, the more resistance you get
  • BURN CALORIES IN SHORT TIME – There are many benefits to rowing. It is a low impact cardiovascular exercise that puts less stress on your joints. Full body workout that includes your legs, core, back and arms. Perfect for all fitness levels. This water rowing machine targets all major muscle groups (84 percent of total muscle mass)
  • BEST WARRANTY – 1 year manufacturers warranty (upgradeable to 3-year parts while 5-year frame is free of charge w/ registration). No call center – Work with U.S. representatives. DIMENSIONS – 82″ L x 20″ H x 22″ W / weight: 103.5 lbs (with water). Easily store it on end


The WaterRower Club Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor in Lo-Rise color is a premium, USA-made fitness equipment that stands out for its exceptional craftsmanship and durability. Handcrafted in solid Ash sourced from sustainably managed forests, this original WaterRower features a unique WaterFlywheel resistance system that mimics the feeling of rowing on water. Not only does it provide a smooth and natural rowing experience, but it also offers a full-body workout targeting major muscle groups while being gentle on joints. With a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty that can be upgraded to 3 years, and a 5-year frame warranty upon registration, this rowing machine ensures quality and support. Compact in size at 82″ L x 20″ H x 22″ W and weighing 103.5 lbs, it can be easily stored upright, making it an ideal choice for home or gym use.

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