SOLE New 2023 Rowing Machine SR550 Black


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Discover the latest in home fitness with the 2023 SR550 Sole Fitness Rowing Machine. This foldable rower boasts Bluetooth connectivity, a user-friendly touch screen, and heart rate monitoring for a personalized workout experience. Experience smooth and challenging air and magnetic resistance levels on this top-of-the-line rowing machine for a complete at-home exercise solution.


Brand: SOLE

Color: Black


  • IMMERSIVE WORKOUT EXPERIENCE: Transform your home gym into an immersive fitness haven with this magnetic rowing machine. Featuring a smooth air and magnetic resistance motion, this row machine creates a realistic ‘on the water’ sensation, a great addition to your exercise equipment.
  • ADJUSTABLE: The all new SR550 rowing machine includes a long aluminum rail, making it fully adjustable to every height! With wheels upfront, you can easily move this seated row machine to any area in your home gym, and the row machine foldable function makes it compact, so it’s easy to store exercising equipment at home.
  • WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY: Our new technology allows you to adjust your resistance and intensity on your air rowing machine without letting go of the handlebar. The SR550 is also a step up from your other workout equipment because it features Wifi and wireless Bluetooth speakers to enhance your rowing experience!
  • ARRAY OF PROGRAMS: Say goodbye to workout monotony with our rowing machine’s array of fitness programs. You’ll find the perfect program to achieve your fitness goals no matter where you are, making these the perfect foldable rowing machines for home use!
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  • SOLE+ APP INTEGRATION: Seamlessly integrate your foldable rowing machine with the Sole+ Fitness app to track your progress from the palm of your hand! With new advanced features, we’ve made rowers for at home exercise. See how this rower is the perfect addition to your home gym equipment.


Enhance your home gym with the new 2023 SOLE SR550 Rowing Machine in sleek black. This foldable rowing machine offers an immersive workout experience with its air and magnetic resistance motion, simulating the feel of rowing on water. Adjustable to all heights, the long aluminum rail and front wheels make it easy to move and store. With wireless technology, including WiFi and Bluetooth speakers, adjusting resistance and intensity is seamless. Choose from a variety of fitness programs via the SOLE+ app integration to meet your fitness goals. Ensure smooth delivery by updating your contact information, especially for rural areas. Transform your exercise routine with this innovative rowing machine for a complete at-home workout experience.

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