Body-Solid Endurance R300 Air Resistance Rower Black


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Achieve a full-body workout with the Body-Solid Endurance R300 Air Resistance Rower. Build strength and endurance as you row against the smooth, dynamic air resistance system. Experience a challenging yet low-impact cardio session with this high-quality rowing machine.


Brand: Body-Solid

Color: black


  • DESIGN: Easily separates into multiple pieces for easy storage
  • DISPLAY FEATURES: Track Time, Stroke, Heart Rate (with wireless Heart Rate Strap), Calories, Paddle Width, Stroke Rate, Distance, Cycle & Watts
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: Weight tested for 330 lbs
  • VERSATILE: Ideal for quadriceps, hamstrings, abdominals, obliques, lats, biceps, triceps, and hip flexor exercises
  • DIMENSIONS: 95 in x 24 in x 40 in (L x W x H)


The Body-Solid Endurance R300 Air Resistance Rower is a versatile and efficient piece of fitness equipment designed to enhance your workout routine. Featuring a sleek black color, this rower is not only stylish but also practical, easily separating into multiple pieces for convenient storage. With an impressive weight capacity of 330 lbs, it is built to accommodate various users. The rower’s display features allow you to track essential workout data such as time, stroke, heart rate, calories, distance, and more. Ideal for working out different muscle groups including quadriceps, hamstrings, abdominals, and lats, this rower offers a comprehensive full-body workout experience. Add the Body-Solid Endurance R300 Air Resistance Rower to your home gym and elevate your fitness journey.

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Dimensions 95.1 × 24.4 × 39.8 cm