VEITEOX FTY Weight Plate Tree Rack with Barbell Bar Holder, Vertical Olympic Bumper Plates and Bar Storage Stand (Color: No Wheels)


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Organize your workout space with VEITEOX FTY Weight Plate Tree Rack. This storage stand has 4 barbell bar holders and is compatible with 2-inch Olympic weight bumper plates. Perfect for home or gym use, get yours in a sleek no-wheels design.



Color: No wheels


  • Great for Storing and Organizing weight plates and bars for gyms or home, keep your weightlifting equipment safely organized.
  • Constructed of High Quality Steel and coated with black powder-coating finish for durable, long-lasting performance.
  • 6 Pegs for Olympic 2″ Weight Plates, and 4 bar holders on the base for 2″ Olympic barbell. Standing your barbells upright to store them is convenient and space saving.
  • 4 Transport Casters for moving your equipment easily, and the locking casters is able to keep it in place for storage.
  • Measures 25.30″W x 22.35″D x 40.35″H. Weight: 27 lb. Load capacity: 800 lb.


Organize your weightlifting equipment with the VEITEOX FTY Weight Plate Tree Rack featuring a convenient design for gyms or home setups. This sturdy rack is made of high-quality steel with a black powder-coating finish for durability. It boasts 6 pegs for Olympic 2″ Weight Plates and 4 bar holders for 2″ Olympic barbells, optimizing space and ensuring easy access. Equipped with 4 transport casters, this rack can be effortlessly moved around, while the locking casters keep it securely in place. With dimensions of 25.30″W x 22.35″D x 40.35″H and a weight capacity of 800 lb, this rack offers a practical and reliable solution for weight plate and bar storage.

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