Valor Fitness CC-5 Seated Calf Machine Black Chrome


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Strengthen your calves and legs with Valor Fitness CC-5 Seated Calf Machine. This home gym equipment is perfect for leg exercises and strength training. Build muscle and improve your lower body strength with this versatile piece of fitness gear.


Brand: Valor Fitness

Color: black, chrome


  • HEAVY DUTY CALF RAISE MACHINE- The CC-5 Calf Machine is constructed with 12-gauge steel for strength and durability. The diamond plated foot plates give you stability when performing calf raises, while chrome plated sleeves hold weights.
  • BUILD CALF STRENGTH- Use this leg machine to target the soleus calf muscle and accelerate calf muscle growth in your workout! Calf raises also help to treat and prevent shin splints by strengthening the calf, as well as assisting in Achilles rehab.
  • ADJUSTABLE CALF MACHINE- Using steel popper pins, the knee pad can be adjusted to 6 different vertical positions, and 5 horizontal positions. After finding optimal position, lift the knees up and move the safety bar for a full range of motion!
  • HOW TO PERFORM CALF RAISES- Flex your calves and explode through the balls of your feet at full ankle extension and raise the heels. Hold this position briefly and return to the starting position by dropping the heels below the foot plate!
  • ADDITIONAL- Improve strength, power, and performance! Max weight load of 350 lb. Total footprint measures 51.25″ x 25″ x 36″. Meant for home gym workout and light-commercial use, or in physical therapy/injury prevention facilities!


Enhance your lower body workout with the Valor Fitness CC-5 Seated Calf Machine. Crafted from heavy-duty 12-gauge steel, this calf raise machine provides stability and durability. Target your calf muscles effectively with adjustable knee pad positions and chrome plated sleeves for added weight resistance. Strengthen calves, prevent shin splints, and aid in Achilles rehab with calf raises. This machine is designed for home gym and light-commercial use, supporting up to 350 lbs. Elevate your leg exercise routine and improve strength and performance with this versatile and efficient calf machine.

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