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Maximize your home workouts with the TKO Power Rack – the ultimate solution for strength training and muscle building. Sturdy construction, versatile design, and endless exercise possibilities. Elevate your fitness routine and achieve your goals with this premium Power Rack.


Brand: TKO


  • Are you ready to graduate to more advanced lifting? If simple weightlifting routines with dumbbells just aren’t helping you attain the progress you want, then it’s time for a Power Rack. Perform everything from simple squats to Olympic Presses with this all-inclusive heavy strength training machine.
  • The TKO Power Rack is made from high-quality materials, with 11 gauge steel comprising its thick bands. You’ll never outgrow the TKO Power Rack. It stands 8 feet tall and is wide enough at the base for even the largest lifter. This Power Rack is a leader in both comfortable free movement and stability, so you’ll never need to shop for an upgrade.
  • Well-coated with polymer paint and built with polyurethane j-cups, the Power Rack is designed to last for the long haul. It will maintain its position in your home gym for as long as you need it. The upright supports will not weaken with use and the position markers are laser-etched, protecting them from the fading that often plagues other lifting racks.
  • A TKO Power Rack is designed to act as your virtual spotter and catch any weights you cannot lift or set down. The Power Rack allows you to lift with confidence. Thanks to its solid weight (493 pounds) the TKO Power Rack will not fail to provide a sturdy and safe weightlifting experience. It will offer the ideal counterbalance to any and all bumper plates kept on the weight pegs and Olympic bar rests.
  • If you’re serious about weightlifting, the TKO Power Rack is a must-have addition to any gym. Do your weight lifting days a favor and bring a Power Rack into your daily regimen.


The TKO Power Rack is a heavyweight in the strength training arena, offering a comprehensive solution for advanced lifting enthusiasts. Crafted from durable 11-gauge steel and standing 8 feet tall, this power rack is designed to accommodate heavy lifting and provide stability for a variety of exercises. Coated with long-lasting polymer paint and equipped with polyurethane j-cups, this rack is built to endure rigorous workouts over time. With virtual spotting capabilities and a solid weight of 493 pounds, the TKO Power Rack ensures a safe and confident weightlifting experience. For serious weightlifters looking to take their routines to the next level, the TKO Power Rack is a must-have addition to any home gym setup.

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