Scubapro Women’s EverFlex Steamer 7mm Wetsuit Black White


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“Dive in style and comfort with the Scubapro Women’s EverFlex Steamer 7mm Wetsuit. Designed for durability and flexibility, this high-quality wetsuit provides ultimate warmth for your underwater adventures. Enjoy a snug fit and superior performance with this premium diving gear.”


Brand: Scubapro

Color: Black White


  • Superior Combination of Warmth and Flexibility
  • X-Foam Formulation for Durability and Better Health
  • Constructed Using Environmentally Friendly Adhesive Materials
  • Double Blind-stitched Outer Seams are Durable and Watertight
  • Glideskin Seals at Wrist, Ankles and Neck Minimize Water Intrusion


Stay warm and flexible in the water with the Scubapro Women’s EverFlex Steamer 7mm Wetsuit. Designed by Scubapro, this wetsuit in black and white offers a superior combination of warmth and flexibility, making it perfect for diving in colder waters. Constructed with X-Foam formulation for durability and better health, it also boasts environmentally friendly adhesive materials. The double blind-stitched outer seams ensure durability and keep water out, while the Glideskin seals at the wrist, ankles, and neck minimize water intrusion, providing a comfortable and secure fit for all your underwater adventures.

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