Pelican Sprint 120XR Sit-in Kayak Recreational Performance Lightweight 12 ft Lightning


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Experience the thrill of the water with the Pelican Sprint 120XR sit-in kayak. This recreational performance kayak is perfect for one person seeking adventure. Lightweight and 12 ft in size, the Pelican Sprint 120XR will have you speeding through the waves like lightning.


Brand: Pelican

Color: Lightning


  • Deep V chine performance hull with keel extension: With its fast and nimble deep V-chine hull design, the Sprint 120XR performance kayak is made for more advanced paddlers looking for better secondary stability to withstand choppier conditions.
  • Ergoflex G2 seating system: The ultra-cushioned Ergoflex adjustable backrest and seat pad are combined with premium knee pads to give you complete comfort throughout your full outing.
  • Quick lock dry storage and day hatch: You can be fully equipped for a short or a long journey with the stern Quicklock hatch giving you access to a large dry storage area sealed with a bulkhead . You can also store your small items in the dry hatch easily accessible on the front console.
  • Adjustable footrests: Convenient feature that makes your paddling adventure more enjoyable. The adjustable footrests keep your feet supported and can be easily adjusted to fit your optimal paddling position .
  • Patented RAM-X Premium material: Durable and super lightweight, our proprietary high-density polyethylene material will resist any outdoors conditions and will keep it’s nice bright finish for years to come.


The Pelican Sprint 120XR Sit-in Kayak is a top choice for experienced paddlers seeking high performance in recreational waters. Featuring a deep V chine hull with keel extension, this 12-foot lightweight kayak offers exceptional stability and speed in rougher waters. The Ergoflex G2 seating system ensures maximum comfort with adjustable backrest, seat pad, and knee pads. Equipped with quick lock dry storage and day hatch, you can easily access your gear for any journey. Adjustable footrests enhance paddling comfort, while the patented RAM-X Premium material guarantees durability and long-lasting vibrancy. Take your kayaking adventures to the next level with the Pelican Sprint 120XR.

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