Pelican Catch 110 HDII Premium Angler Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak – HyDryve Pedal System – Outback


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Explore the waters with the Pelican Catch 110 HDII Premium Angler, a versatile sit-on-top fishing kayak. Featuring a HyDryve Pedal System for easy navigation and a comfortable Ergocast seat for all-day fishing adventures. Enjoy a smooth and stable 10 ft ride on the Outback in style.


Brand: Pelican

Color: Outback


  • HyDryve II pedal system: The HyDryve II pedal system makes maneuvering in shallow water or around aquatic plants, an absolute breeze.
  • Ergocast G2 seat: The Ergocast G2 is probably one of the most comfortable fishing kayak chairs out there. It includes well-thought-out features that make everything just a bit easier and much more comfortable.
  • Gear rails: 4 accessory rails allow you to customize your kayak for fishing, filming or adding other accessories.
  • Rod holders: 3 flush-mount rod holders allow you to store your fishing rods out of the way but within reach.
  • Rudder with hand controls: Control your direction with a flick of the wrist or deploy as a skeg for better tracking.


The Pelican Catch 110 HDII Premium Angler Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak in Outback color is a top-tier choice for fishing enthusiasts. Featuring the innovative HyDryve II pedal system, navigating through shallow waters becomes effortless. The Ergocast G2 seat offers unparalleled comfort and convenience for long hours on the water. With 4 gear rails and 3 rod holders, this kayak allows for easy customization and organization of your fishing gear. Additionally, the rudder with hand controls ensures precise direction control with just a simple movement, making your fishing experience more enjoyable and successful.

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