Pelican Argo 100X Recreational Sit-in Kayak Vapor


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Experience the freedom of exploring the waters with the Pelican Argo 100X recreational sit-in kayak. This lightweight and durable 10 ft kayak offers a comfortable and safe paddling experience, ideal for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Dive into adventure with the Vapor color option.


Brand: Pelican

Color: Vapor


  • Comfortable: The adjustable Ergoform seating system keeps everyone comfortable.
  • Twin-arched multi-chine hull: Feel ultra stable with a trademark hull design that increases contact surface on the water to keep you safe and confident.
  • Patented Ram-X material: Durable and super lightweight material making this a perfect kayak for any paddling skill level.
  • Molded footrests: Convenient feature that makes your paddling adventure more enjoyable. The molded footrests keep your feet supported and no adjsutement needed to fit any paddlers, big and small .
  • Front storage hatch & bottle holders: You can be fully-equipped for short and long journeys alike with a waterproof hatch at the front and bottle holders around the kayak.


The Pelican Argo 100X Recreational Sit-in Kayak in Vapor is a top choice for paddlers seeking a lightweight, safe, and comfortable experience on the water. Featuring Pelican’s signature adjustable Ergoform seating system, this kayak ensures maximum comfort for all users. The twin-arched multi-chine hull design provides exceptional stability, while the patented Ram-X material offers durability without added weight. Molded footrests cater to paddlers of all sizes, and the front storage hatch and bottle holders make it easy to stay organized and prepared for any journey. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned paddler, the Pelican Argo 100X is a versatile and reliable option for your next adventure.

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