OptimalBody Fitness RBS4 Resistance Bench Home Gym System Black


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Experience a full-body workout with the OptimalBody RBS4 Resistance Bench Home Gym System. With 600lb resistance bands, an adjustable bench for incline and decline exercises, and a versatile adjustable barbell, this all-in-one home gym is perfect for your fitness routine. Includes a standing platform and additional accessories for a complete workout experience.


Brand: OptimalBody Fitness

Color: Black


  • 【OptimalBody Fitness】Created and developed by fitness icon David Lyons, who was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by Arnold Schwarzenegger for his innovations in health and fitness. Developed and tested by the best in fitness! The RBS4 is NOT just some Chinese hunk-of-junk like other competitors.
  • 【Adjustable Bench】Want to switch from incline presses to flat bench or even decline sit-ups? Our adjustable bench offers 9 different angle positions going from a deep decline to a steep incline. Change the elevation position instantly with our pin-less locking system.
  • 【Up to 600 lbs of Resistance】Built to last and continuously grow your muscles, our high quality latex variable tension resistance bands can be adjusted from as low as 5 lbs all the way up to 600 lbs of resistance. This system is designed for everyone, from beginners to professional athletes.
  • 【Standing Exercise Platform】Get a REAL full body workout! Our integrated standing platform enables a plethora of standing workouts like calf raises, upright rows, deadlifts and much more. Our standing platform is padded and covered in slip-free vinyl, delivering a safe and comfortable experience.
  • 【Adjustable Barbell】The adjustable barbell is designed to the specifications of an Olympic professional grade barbell and coated with a comfortable slip-free vinyl grip. It truly feels like you are using gym quality equipment but from the comfort of your home!
  • 【Free Exercise Guide】When you get your RBS4 home gym, you will be emailed a link to all of our training videos. Choose from over 100 included exercises that trains your entire body.


Achieve your fitness goals with the OptimalBody RBS4 Resistance Bench Home Gym System. Developed by fitness expert David Lyons, this all-in-1 total body home gym offers a versatile workout experience. The adjustable bench features 9 angle positions for various exercises, while the 600lb resistance bands cater to users of all levels. The standing exercise platform allows for standing workouts like deadlifts and calf raises, enhancing your routine. With an adjustable barbell designed to professional standards and a free exercise guide with over 100 included exercises, this home gym system provides a comprehensive fitness solution.

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