Motive Fitness TotalStretch TS150 Commercial Stretching Machine


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Enhance flexibility and improve posture with the TotalStretch TS150 Commercial Back & Body Stretching Machine. Engineered for professional use, this versatile equipment targets muscles throughout the body for a comprehensive stretching experience. Invest in your health and wellness with this top-of-the-line stretching machine.


Brand: Motive Fitness


  • Full-featured commercial model solidly built for gym environments. Stretching Trainer designed to provide users of all sizes with a total solution to stretching for warm up, improved mobility and relief from pain. Space-efficient design which allows for a total-body stretching program – both seated and standing stretches
  • Ergostretch HANDLEBAR: provides multiple grips to target different muscles for users of all sizes. 3 Levels of grips also enables a progressive stretching workout from warm-up to deeper stretches. No need for complicated, mechanical adjustments
  • Ergostretch PLATFORM: places user in correct position for more effective lower leg stretches and standing stretches from a stabilized position
  • Ergostretch ROLLERS: provides comfortable and effective leg stabilization for both seated & standing stretches. A GREAT SEATED HAMSTRING STRETCH – tight hamstrings are a leading contributor to low back pain!
  • The TS150 is a Commercial Market Stretching Trainer with all of the user features of the Heavy-Duty Commercial TS200 model for a lower price. Watch the TS200 video to learn about these features. Max User Weight 325lbs.


The Motive Fitness TotalStretch TS150 Commercial Back & Body Stretching Machine is a robust and versatile stretching trainer built for gym environments. Designed to accommodate users of all sizes, this full-featured commercial model offers a comprehensive solution for warm-ups, improved mobility, and pain relief. Its space-efficient design allows for a total-body stretching program, including seated and standing stretches. The Ergostretch HANDLEBAR provides multiple grips for targeting different muscles, while the PLATFORM ensures correct positioning for effective lower leg and standing stretches. With comfortable rollers for leg stabilization and a focus on hamstring stretches to alleviate low back pain, the TS150 delivers the benefits of a heavy-duty commercial model at a more affordable price point.

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Dimensions 55.0 × 33.0 × 43.0 cm