miR Adjustable Weighted Vest (Long Style) Pro Plus 100lbs


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Enhance your workouts with the MIR Adjustable Weighted Vest featuring a long style for optimal comfort and performance. The Pro Plus version comes loaded with 100lbs of adjustable weight, allowing you to customize your training intensity. Elevate your fitness routine with this premium weighted vest designed for serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts.


Brand: miR


  • 100lbs weighted vest. 33pcs x 3lbs weights.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 140lbs
  • Adjustable, weights can all be removed
  • One size fits Most, manufacture warranty included.
  • 1200 D-Nylon made for heavy duty workouts


Enhance your workout intensity with the MIR Adjustable Weighted Vest (Long Style, Pro Plus, 100lbs). This vest boasts 33 pieces of 3lbs weights, allowing for a maximum weight capacity of 140lbs. Its adjustable design enables you to customize the weight distribution by adding or removing weights as needed. Made from durable 1200 D-Nylon, this vest is built to withstand rigorous training sessions. With a one-size-fits-most design and a manufacturer’s warranty, this weighted vest is your ultimate fitness companion for challenging and effective workouts.

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