HYPERWEAR TAC HYPER VEST Weighted Vest with USA Weights 40 lbs


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Enhance your workouts with the HYPERWEAR TAC HYPER VEST Weighted Vest, featuring flexible weight plates made in the USA. This adjustable 40 lbs vest (43 lbs with plates) is perfect for leveling up your fitness routine. Stay comfortable and strong during any exercise with this premium weight vest.




  • ✅ BEST HEAVY WEIGHT VEST: Men’s Health 2023 Award. Tactical design weighted vest for men or women with quick release buckle, flexible plates of strong, flexible plastic with channels holding included 1/2 lb weights. Quickly add or remove weights or use weight vest plate for rucking as a ruck plate. Incremental progressive loading – no need to buy extra pairs of cast iron plates. A tactical vest addition to the weighted vest Hypervest family – Hyper Vest Elite, Hyper Vest Pro, Hyper Vest Fit
  • ✅ FLEXIBLE PLATES FOR COMFORT: Patent pending flexible weight vest plate comfortably bends to hug your torso. Holding weight closer to your center of gravity maintains balance through movement and reduces bounce to out-perform any weighted workout vest with solid metal plates. Durable webbing and buckles on each side, and double-padded shoulders pads allow for a comfortable adjustable fit. Best running weights in a vest with weighted plates for a weighted running vest for men.
  • ✅ MADE IN USA WEIGHTS: Plates open at the bottom with secure flap. Easy to insert and remove half pound weights fill the compartments inside the plate. Steel weights are PVC containers filled with recycled USA steel shot. Instead of the cost of buying multiple pairs of 5.75 lbs, 8.75 lbs or 10lb weight plates, our adjustable weight vest plate goes from 0.5 lbs to 10 lbs.
  • ✅ PRICE INCLUDES WEIGHTS: Filled with 1/2 lb weights, a pair of 10 lb weight vest plates will fit a Hyper Vest TAC weight vest only. Maximum capacity is a pair of plates in front and back for a total of four. Designed for fitness our tac style adjustable body weight vest is the best weight vest for men and women for training like performance weighted vests. Progressive loading with body weights is best for strength training weight vests.
  • ✅ QUALITY FEATURES: Tactical vest for men with fast and simple weights plates adjustment for weight training with half pound vest weights that slide easily in and out. Molle webbing and large cell phone accessory pocket in front. Only true progressive strength training plates weight vest with small weights to train for using a military vest, police vest, battle vest, or weighted backpack for training or rucking.
  • ✅ iMPORTANT: This product is only designed to be used as a strength training weighted vest solely with Hyperwear Flexible Weight Vest Plates. Do not attempt to use this product with metal weight vest plates. The compartments are too large and do not have any straps to secure steel weight vest plates.


Enhance your workout routine with the HYPERWEAR TAC HYPER VEST Weighted Vest. This award-winning vest features a tactical design suitable for both men and women, equipped with quick-release buckles and flexible weight plates that can be easily adjusted for incremental progressive loading. Made in the USA, the steel weights fill the compartments inside the plates, providing a durable and comfortable fit with double-padded shoulder pads. Perfect for strength training, this vest is a versatile addition to your fitness gear, offering a secure and balanced way to intensify your workouts. Please note that this vest is designed for use with Hyperwear Flexible Weight Vest Plates only.

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