FLASHWALK Gotway MCM5 Electric Unicycle 14″ Wheel 512Wh Battery 1500W Motor 24.8 mph Self-Balancing EUC Begode


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Experience the thrill of effortless mobility with the Gotway MCM5 electric unicycle. This sleek ride features a powerful 1500watt motor, 512Wh battery, and a top speed of 24.8 mph. Get ready to cruise in style with this cutting-edge self-balancing EUC from Begode.

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  • Materials:PVC, aluminium pedals
  • Dimensions (HxLxD):16.1 x 7.6 x 21 inches 4.75 inches pedal ground clearance
  • Wheel diameter:14 inches wheel (air-inflated)
  • Weight:14 inches wheel (air-inflated)
  • Weight:32.2 lbs
  • Motor:1500 watt continuous power
  • Maximum speed:Up to 24.8 mph with 512 Wh models (It depends on different weight, power and road conditions)
  • Safe cruising speed : 12.5 mph
  • Maximum load:Up to 220 lbs
  • Maximum range:Up to 15.5-18.6 miles with 512 Wh battery in real test(155 LBS rider at 12.5mph)


Experience the Gotway MCM5 electric unicycle with a 14” wheel, powered by a 1500watt motor that propels you at speeds of up to 24.8 mph. This self-balancing EUC by Begode boasts a sturdy build with PVC and aluminum pedals, weighing 32.2 lbs for easy maneuverability. With a maximum load capacity of 220 lbs and a range of up to 15.5-18.6 miles on a single charge, this electric unicycle offers a safe cruising speed of 12.5 mph. Elevate your ride with the FLASHWALK Gotway MCM5 for an exhilarating and efficient commuting experience.

UPC: 703742005998

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