CROSS101 Weighted Vest with Shoulder Pads Option


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Maximize your workout potential with the CROSS101 Weighted Vest, available in weights from 20lbs to 80lbs. Opt for the Shoulder Pads option for extra comfort during intense training sessions. Push your fitness boundaries and take your training to the next level with this versatile weighted vest.


Brand: CROSS101


Enhance your workout intensity with the CROSS101 Weighted Vest, available in weight options ranging from 20lbs to 80lbs, with the additional choice of shoulder pads for added comfort. Manufactured by CROSS101, a trusted fitness brand, this weighted vest is designed to help you level up your training routine by adding resistance to bodyweight exercises, cardio, and strength training. With the option to select a weight capacity of 140lbs without shoulder pads, this versatile vest is ideal for beginners and seasoned fitness enthusiasts alike. Elevate your fitness journey with the CROSS101 Weighted Vest and experience a new dimension of challenge and results in your workouts.

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