Callaway Apex CB 24 Pitching Wedge 46* Stiff Steel Dynamic Gold Mid 115


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Elevate your golf game with the precision and power of the Callaway Apex CB 24 Pitching Wedge. Featuring a Steel Dynamic Gold Mid 115 shaft in a stiff flex, this club offers optimal control and distance on the course. Experience the future of golf performance with the innovative design of the 2024 model.


Brand: Callaway


  • Callaway Apex CB (2024)
  • A progressive CG throughout the set improves trajectory control. The long irons feature a lower CG that promotes towering shots that land soft into greens while the short irons utilize a higher CG for a lower trajectory with more spin for added control.
  • The new Apex CB �24 irons feature a Dynamic Sole Design with a pre-worn leading edge to cut through the turf more efficiently and trailing edge relief to ensure a clean exit. The result is an iron sole that maintains speed through the turf and promotes consistent contact on all shots.
  • The Apex CB �24 iron combines a classic tour shape with modern design features to create a stunning new look. The Apex CB �24 also features a thinner topline and longer blade lengths. All Pro Series irons feature the same MIM back weight to give fitters more control to dial in swing weight.


Experience enhanced control and precision with the Callaway Apex CB 24 Pitching Wedge. The Apex CB (2024) features a progressive CG design that optimizes trajectory control, providing towering shots with soft landings on the greens. The Dynamic Sole Design ensures efficient turf interaction, promoting consistent contact on all your shots. With a classic tour shape and modern design elements, this pitching wedge offers a stunning new look while maintaining performance. Elevate your game with the Callaway Apex CB 24 and enjoy improved playability and shot-making capabilities on the course.

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