BK BodyKore Isolation Series – Selectorized Rotary Hip – GR635 Silver and Black


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Enhance your lower body workout with the Selectorized Rotary Hip machine from the Isolation Series. This sleek GR635 model in silver frame offers precision and efficiency in targeting hip muscles. Elevate your fitness routine with this must-have equipment for strength training enthusiasts.


Brand: BK BodyKore

Color: Silver and Black


  • Allows users to perform hip exercise from the standing position, providing enhanced alignment and increasing target muscle involvement.
  • Starting positions are incremental at 15-degree intervals through 270 degrees of rotation for consistency
  • Pad adjusts to four different settings for hip extension and flexion movements
  • Dual rubber grip handles for stability and proper positioning
  • Height adjustable non-skid platform
  • Cup/phone/key holder


Enhance your workout routine with the Isolation Series Selectorized Rotary Hip by BK BodyKore. This sleek machine in Silver and Black allows users to perform hip exercises from a standing position, ensuring proper alignment and engaging target muscles effectively. With starting positions adjustable in 15-degree increments up to 270 degrees, users can enjoy consistent workouts. The adjustable pad offers four settings for hip extension and flexion movements, while dual rubber grip handles provide stability. Additionally, the non-skid platform is height adjustable, and a convenient cup/phone/key holder adds to the overall convenience of this top-of-the-line fitness equipment.

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