Bells of Steel Colored Bumper Plates – Olympic Weight Set


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Enhance your workout space with Bells of Steel Colored Bumper Plates! Ideal for both commercial and home gyms, these Olympic weight plates are perfect for deadlifts, squats, bench press, and shoulder press. With a 450mm plate diameter and a 370 lb Olympic weight set, elevate your strength training routine today.


Brand: Bells of Steel


  • Heavy Duty – Superb design weight plates made durable enough for commercial and home gym weightlifting. With its 3-point anchor system, it locks in and prevents your metal inserts on the loose!
  • Shock-Absorbing – Add mileage to your barbell by absorbing some of the impacts while reducing the noise using the Bells of Steel Rubber Weight Plates. Save your bar and avoid grabbing others’ attention with a loud noise with these plates.
  • Fresh and Vibrant – These colored, weight-labeled barbell plates will save you time looking for what you need and focus on your strength training.
  • What’s in the Package – The Bells of Steel Colored Bumper Olympic Weight Set with +/- 1% tolerance; 370 lb (pair of 10, 15, 25, 35, 45 and 55 lb plates). Plate Diameter: 450mm; Hole Diameter: 50.4mm.
  • Steel Strong Products and Services – Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We know online shopping can be tough, so contact us if you are unsatisfied with our products or services! We’re just one email away.


Enhance your weightlifting game with the Bells of Steel Colored Bumper Plates, ideal for both commercial and home gyms. These heavy-duty plates feature a 3-point anchor system to secure the metal inserts, ensuring durability and stability during deadlifts, squats, bench presses, and shoulder presses. The shock-absorbing design reduces impact and noise, preserving your barbell and maintaining a focused workout environment. With vibrant colors and weight labels, these plates streamline your training sessions. The set includes a 370 lb Olympic weight set with a 450mm plate diameter and a hole diameter of 50.4mm, offering a versatile and reliable addition to your fitness equipment collection. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, Bells of Steel guarantees steel-strong products and services, providing support and assistance with just a simple email.

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