Ader Octagon Rubber Dumbbell Set 2-50Lbs (12 Pairs) 560Lbs with Dumbbell Rack Black White


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Upgrade your home gym with the Ader Octagon Rubber Dumbbell Set! This set includes 2-50lbs dumbbells (12 pairs) totaling 560lbs, along with a convenient dumbbell rack and a free rubber mat. Enjoy a versatile and durable workout experience with this premium quality set.


Brand: Ader

Color: Black, white


The Ader Octagon Rubber Dumbbell Set includes 12 pairs of dumbbells ranging from 2 to 50 pounds, totaling 560 pounds. This set comes with a sturdy dumbbell rack for organized storage and a free rubber mat for added floor protection. The dumbbells feature a durable rubber coating in black and white colors, providing a comfortable and secure grip during workouts. Ideal for home gyms or commercial fitness centers, this set offers a wide range of weight options for versatile strength training routines. Stay organized and elevate your workouts with the Ader Octagon Rubber Dumbbell Set.

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