Yes4All Bumper Plate Olympic Weight Plates 45 LBS – G. 10x45lb


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Enhance your weightlifting game with Yes4All 2-Inch Bumper Plates. This set of 10 durable Olympic weight plates, each weighing 45 lbs, is perfect for strength training and powerlifting. Elevate your workouts with these high-quality plates designed for long-lasting performance.


Brand: Yes4All

Color: G. 10x45lb


  • Package includes: 10x45lb (Set 450lb)
  • Made from high-grade rubber, these plates offer low odor and low bounce, ensuring a seamless weightlifting experience.The iron core and crumb rubber construction reduce bounce, making these plates ideal for intense weightlifting sessions.
  • Durable and Environmentally Friendly: Crafted from recycled rubber material, our bumper plates are not only highly durable but also environmentally friendly.
  • Perfect Fit for Olympic Barbells: With a 2-inch sleeve, these bumper plates are compatible with all Olympic barbells. Whether you’re performing squats, deadlifts, power cleans or bench presses, these plates provide the perfect fit for your training needs.
  • Floor & Barbell Protection: Say goodbye to worries about damaging your floors or barbells. Our rubber plates boast just the right amount of bounce when dropped, providing excellent floor and barbell protection.
  • Easy Weight Identification: Thanks to the color fleck design, our bumper plate set allows for quick and easy weight identification.


Enhance your weightlifting and strength training sessions with the Yes4All 2-Inch Bumper Plate set. This set includes 10 pieces of 45-pound plates, totaling 450 pounds, perfect for intense workouts. Crafted from high-grade rubber with an iron core, these plates offer low odor, low bounce, and reduced floor and barbell damage upon impact. The environmentally friendly recycled rubber material ensures durability and sustainability. Compatible with all Olympic barbells, these plates feature a 2-inch sleeve and color fleck design for easy weight identification, making them ideal for various exercises like squats, deadlifts, power cleans, and bench presses. Upgrade your fitness routine with these versatile and protective bumper plates.

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