XMark Competition Bumper Plates 55 lb Pair Red


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Enhance your weightlifting game with XMARK Competition Bumper Plates. This 55 lb pair is perfect for snatches and clean and jerks. With a weight tolerance of +-10 grams, these plates are a must-have for serious lifters.


Brand: XMark

Color: 04) Red 55 lb Pair


  • 55 lb Pair of XMARK Competition Bumper Plates, Red
  • With a weight tolerance of ±10 grams, equivalent to the weight of two US Nickels, these plates offer unparalleled precision in your lifts.
  • Meets IWF Standards. Permanent color-coded design, with XMARK Competition Bumpers adhering to the IWF recognized color scheme.
  • A durometer reading of 90 ensures a consistent dead blow, minimizing bounce commonly found in premium Olympic weightlifting bumpers.
  • Designed to be dropped. Rest assured of their exceptional durability, as these plates have undergone rigorous factory testing, enduring an impressive 30,000 drops.


Enhance your Olympic weightlifting performance with the XMARK Competition Bumper Plates, 55 lb Pair in striking red. These plates boast an exceptional weight tolerance of ±10 grams, ensuring precise lifts every time. Meeting IWF Standards, they feature a permanent color-coded design for easy identification. With a durometer reading of 90, these bumpers offer a consistent dead blow, reducing bounce commonly experienced with lesser quality plates. Designed for durability, they have withstood an impressive 30,000 drops in rigorous factory testing. Elevate your snatches and clean and jerks with these high-quality XMARK Competition Bumper Plates.

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