XMark Combo Offer 365 lb Set of Premium Quality Rubber Coated TRI-GRIP Olympic Weight Plates XM-3377 with 7 ft Deadlift VOODOO Commercial Olympic Bar 15) BAR and 365 lb Set


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Get your hands on the XMark Combo Offer – a 365 lb set of top-notch rubber coated Olympic weight plates with a TRI-GRIP design paired with a sturdy 7 ft Deadlift VOODOO Olympic bar boasting a 1500 lb weight capacity. Elevate your workouts with this premium quality fitness set today!


Brand: XMark

Color: 15) BAR and 365 lb Set


  • Includes a 365 lb set of XMark TRI-GRIP premium quality rubber coated Olympic weight plates: (4) 45 lb, (2) 35 lb, (2) 25 lb, (4) 10 lb, (4) 5 lb, and (2) 2.5 and a XMark VOODOO 7′ deadlift commercial Olympic bar. COLLARS NOT INCLUDED.
  • Crafted using a heat treated alloy steel and a snap ring lock system, the VOODOO bar offers ultimate performance for Olympic and power lifting routines. Superior tensile strength of 185,000 PSI with moderate flex and a 1500 lb weight capacity. The VOODOO’s collars have micro grooves assuring your plates stay in place during dynamic lifts.
  • XMark TRI-GRIP Plates have a classic sought-after design and are an absolute must-have for free-weight training. These traditional plates are solidly-built with impeccable craftsmanship. Made with premium all-natural virgin rubber, the plates will always maintain a bold solid color throughout the life of the plate. The solid-steel precision tooled inserts allow the plates to slide freely on the bar.
  • Rubber, by its very nature, is tough and durable. All products made from rubber have a distinct smell, including rubber coated weights. The smell will generally dissipate over time; however, some individuals are more sensitive to the odor.
  • XMark, a trusted brand in strength training equipment, is found in schools, commercial gyms and home gyms across the United States. Long-lasting quality is what you can expect from XMark.


Enhance your weightlifting routine with the XMark Combo Offer 365 lb Set of Premium Quality Rubber Coated TRI-GRIP Olympic Weight Plates XM-3377 paired with the 7 ft Deadlift VOODOO Commercial Olympic Bar. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the weight plates come in a set of varying weights, ensuring versatility in your workouts. The VOODOO bar, constructed from heat-treated alloy steel, boasts a 1500 lb weight capacity and micro-grooved collars for secure plate placement during dynamic lifts. XMark’s renowned TRI-GRIP Plates feature a classic design and premium all-natural virgin rubber construction, guaranteeing long-lasting quality and performance. Elevate your strength training with this reliable set from XMark.

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