WOLFMATE Fitness Curved Treadmill Air Runner Black


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Enhance your workout with the WOLFMATE Fitness Curved Treadmill. This non-electric, air runner treadmill features resistance adjustment for a customized exercise experience. Get fit and stay motivated with the MND-Y600B-1 treadmill.



Color: Black


  • User Friendly & Multifunction – Friendly to all generations, athletes, runners, sports enthusiasts, office worker or elders. WOLFMATE curved treadmill is a perfect choice to maximizing your running experiences and training efforts. It also designed for varieties of training, such us walking, jogging, sprinting, leg coordination, leg agility, resistance training, HIIT training, etc.
  • Special & Professional Design – A special curve design gives you the natural running feedback and makes it easier for running, it also burns 60% more calories than traditional electric treadmill, and burns 30% more calories than running outside. The 100% environment friendly design and a self-power design turns yourself to become the motor of the treadmill, running at your desired speed, accelerate or decelerate as you want and stop at anytime.
  • Adjustable Resistor – A upgraded 8 level adjustable resistor is special designed for power training and intensive cardio training. It is even better for building up your muscle strength or burn more calories. Our speed resistance system is simulated by the resistance generated when running with a parachute. When using this mode, the resistance level will increase as the increase of the running speed.
  • Safe & Healthy Training – Less injury and no longer need to worry about your knees pain! The rubbe belt provides cushion and great shock absorption effect to protect your knees. A correct running posture that our treadmill gives you, will make sure your ankles, hips and back are not affected by your movement. A spacious running area (60’’ x 17’’) combined with enhanced handle ensures your safety during walking and running.
  • Maintenance & Warranty – Easy to maintain and assemble, no maintenance cost, durable, and super long service life. The treadmill is easy to move with built-in rolling wheels and handle. We are proud and confident about the quality of our product, the warranty period is 3 years for frame, 1 year for accessories, 1 year for console. Please contact us at any time, your satisfaction is our priority.


Enhance your workout routine with the WOLFMATE Fitness Curved Treadmill, Air Runner, a non-electric motorized treadmill that offers a user-friendly and multifunctional design suitable for all generations and fitness levels. The special curve design provides a natural running experience while burning more calories than traditional treadmills. With an adjustable 8-level resistor for power and cardio training, this treadmill offers a safe and healthy workout with cushioned shock absorption to protect your joints. Easy to maintain and assemble, this treadmill comes with a 3-year frame warranty and 1-year warranty for accessories and console, ensuring a durable and reliable fitness companion for years to come.

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