Wesky Inflatable Paddle Board for Adults, Ultra-Light Stand Up Paddle Board with Premium Sup Accessories – Green, Yellow


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Discover the ultimate inflatable paddle board for adults by Wesky – designed with ultra-light aerospace material for easy transport and optimal performance. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, this 10’6”x30”x6” paddle board is perfect for all skill levels. Enhance your water adventures with premium SUP accessories included in this double-model board.


Brand: Wesky

Color: GREEN,Yellow


  • The new inflatable SUP board with metal stirrup system is a very unique style on the market. This board design is new and beautiful, is currently on the market is very fashionable products, is a beautiful and unique landscape.
  • This inflatable surfboard can be released hands, free to move forward and backward. The configuration of the high-end aluminum seat allows people to lean comfortably. Seat with beach mesh fabric can sweat and breathable, not stuffy in the summer, and not tired of sitting for a long time. And the seat has a slide rail under the seat, you can move according to the length of the person’s legs to adjust, very convenient.
  • Inflatable board can be used in rivers, lakes and the coast, fishing and recreational sports. This board is also equipped with a fishing seat position, convenient for fishing enthusiasts to install fishing seat. Users can play both exercise and enjoy the body and mind, is a very good sport.
  • Package includes, metal pedal system, seat, paddle, steering system, backpack, manual inflatable pump
  • In order to better multiplayer entertainment, we designed a two-person style inflatable paddleboard, can accommodate two people at the same time, increasing the playability.


The Wesky Inflatable Paddle Board for Adults is a versatile and stylish choice for all skill levels. Made from ultra-light aerospace material, this 10’6”x30”x6” stand-up paddle board offers stability and durability on various water surfaces. The unique metal stirrup system sets this board apart in terms of design and functionality, allowing for hands-free movement and comfortable seating with adjustable features. Ideal for rivers, lakes, and coastal waters, this board includes premium accessories like a metal pedal system, seat, paddle, steering system, backpack, and manual inflatable pump. Perfect for fishing or recreational sports, the enhanced double model can even accommodate two users for a fun and engaging experience. Choose the Wesky Paddle Board for a blend of performance, comfort, and enjoyment on the water.

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