Werner Ikelos Touring Sea Kayak Paddle BS 210cm


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Explore the waters with the Werner Ikelos Touring Sea Kayak Paddle! This high-performance paddle is designed for efficiency and control, making your paddling experience a breeze. With its durable construction and ergonomic design, the Werner Ikelos is your perfect companion for your kayaking adventures.

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Brand: Werner


  • Full-sized Performance Core Blades, high angle design, carbon weave w/ Dynel trim
  • Buoyant foam core, slight spoon shape & dihedral back, 49 x 20cm, 710 sq cm
  • Continuous weave carbon shaft , 2-piece take-apart design, adjustable offset
  • Average weight: Neutral Bent Shaft: 780g (26.5 oz.)
  • Handcrafted in Sultan, WA, 1-year manufacturer warranty


Experience top-notch performance on the water with the Werner Ikelos Touring Sea Kayak Paddle-BS-210cm. Crafted by the renowned brand Werner, this paddle features full-sized Performance Core Blades with a high angle design and carbon weave with Dynel trim for strength and efficiency. The buoyant foam core, slight spoon shape, and dihedral back provide smooth and powerful strokes, while the continuous weave carbon shaft offers durability and a lightweight feel. With a 2-piece take-apart design and adjustable offset, this paddle is versatile and easy to transport. Handcrafted in Sultan, WA, and backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty, the Werner Ikelos paddle is a reliable choice for any kayaking adventure.

UPC: 840463104767

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