Werner Double Diamond Bent Shaft Paddle Black


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Upgrade your paddling experience with the Werner Double Diamond Bent Shaft Paddle. Featuring a sleek design and premium materials, this high-performance paddle offers superior power and control on the water. Elevate your kayaking adventures with this top-of-the-line accessory.

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Brand: Werner

Color: Black


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The Werner Double Diamond Bent Shaft Paddle in sleek black is a top-of-the-line choice for kayakers looking for precision and performance on the water. Crafted with carbon materials, this paddle offers durability and lightweight handling. Whether you’re navigating whitewater rapids or cruising serene lakes, the Werner paddle provides excellent control and efficiency. With its innovative design and trusted Werner brand quality, this paddle is a must-have for any kayaking enthusiast looking to elevate their paddling experience.

UPC: 840463104064

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