VULCAN Alpha 55lb Bumper Plate Pair Red Fleck


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Maximize your workout with the Vulcan Alpha 55lb Bumper Plate Pair. These durable plates are designed for high-intensity training and will help you reach your fitness goals. Add them to your home gym today for a superior lifting experience.



Color: Red Fleck


  • This unique rubber compound is not found in any other bumper plate, alpha bumpers are not made from recycled rubber alpha bumper plates are made for indoor or outdoor use.
  • These weight plates offer a low bounce on any surface, unlike recycled rubber plates that can bounce dangerously high or “skip” away from you.
  • Hearing damage & loss have become issues to some weightlifting coaches and trainers due to the level of noise exposure from multiple athletes dropping bumper plates throughout a training session.
  • If your gym is located in an area where the dropping of weights can cause a disturbance to your neighbors, the reduction of noise can be helpful.
  • The alpha bumper plates have a much lower odor than crumb rubber bumper plates or recycled rubber bumper plates.


The Vulcan Alpha 55lb Bumper Plate Pair by VULCAN in Red Fleck is a premium choice for weightlifting enthusiasts. Crafted from a unique rubber compound exclusive to this line, these plates are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With minimal bounce, they provide a safer lifting experience compared to recycled rubber alternatives. Designed to reduce noise levels during workouts, these plates offer a quieter environment for both users and neighboring spaces. Additionally, the alpha bumper plates boast a lower odor profile, making them a practical and efficient addition to any gym setup.

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