VULCAN Alpha Bumper Plate Set


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Enhance your weightlifting game with the Vulcan 370 lb Alpha Bumper Plate Set. These high-quality plates provide durable performance and precise weight increments for your training needs. Elevate your workouts and reach your fitness goals with this top-tier bumper plate set.




  • ✓ Patented Technology for Unmatched Quality: Experience the difference with Alpha Bumper Plates, crafted from a unique rubber compound exclusive to our brand. Unlike common plates made from recycled rubber, our patented material ensures a safer, lower bounce on any surface, minimizing the risk of weights “skipping” away or causing injury.
  • ✓ Designed for Quiet and Safe Workouts: Protect your hearing and reduce disturbances with Alpha Bumper Plates, proven to make 25% less noise when dropped from a height of 9 ft. Ideal for gyms in noise-sensitive areas, these plates allow for intense workouts without the risk of hearing damage or neighbor complaints.
  • ✓ Versatile and Durable for Any Setting: Whether you’re training indoors or taking your workout outside, these plates are built to last. The Alpha Bumper Plates are not only durable but also feature a low odor, making them a more pleasant choice for enclosed spaces compared to traditional crumb rubber plates.
  • ✓ Easy Identification and Stylish Look: Quickly identify weights with color-coded plates featuring large, easy-to-see flecks and a trademarked “Camouflaged-Like” pattern. Not only do these plates perform exceptionally, but their unique design will also enhance the look of your gym or home workout space.
  • ✓ Comprehensive Weight Set Options: Catering to all fitness levels and workout intensities, Alpha Bumper Plates come in a variety of sets ranging from 160 lb to 370 lb. Each set includes pairs of plates in different weights, ensuring you have the versatility for a full range of exercises and incremental weight adjustments.


The Vulcan 370 lb Alpha Bumper Plate Set by VULCAN offers a premium workout experience with patented technology that sets it apart. Crafted from a unique rubber compound, these plates provide a safer, lower bounce, reducing the risk of injuries and weight slippage. Designed to be quiet and safe, they emit 25% less noise when dropped, making them ideal for noise-sensitive environments. Built to last, these plates are versatile for any setting, with a low odor that enhances indoor use. The color-coded plates with a unique design not only aid in easy identification but also add a stylish touch to your workout space. Available in various weight set options catering to different fitness levels, these Alpha Bumper Plates ensure a comprehensive and effective workout experience.

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