Valor Fitness Sissy Squat Machine – Heavy Duty – Grip Handle and Wheels – Adjustable – Core Glute Hamstring – Quad Leg Muscle – Hip Thrusters – Strength Building Gym Workout Equipment – SS-Y Yellow


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Build stronger legs with the Valor Fitness Sissy Squat Machine. This heavy-duty equipment features adjustable settings for targeted muscle engagement. Improve your core, glutes, hamstrings, quads, and more with this versatile gym essential. Elevate your strength training routine with Valor Fitness SS-Y!


Brand: Valor Fitness

Color: SS-Y Sissy Squat Machine with Wheels and Adjustment Grip Handle


  • WHY THE SISSY SQUAT? – If you’re looking for a space-saving machine that is also easy to use without the hassle of loading weights but will strengthen your quads, glutes and core, this is just what you need. This machine provides the benefit of improving the full lower body muscle mass without having to set up a rack and a barbell or load up a bulky leg extension machine.
  • HEAVY DUTY SQUAT MACHINE – The sissy squats machine is equipped with solid stainless steel base for strength and durability. Steel foot plate keeps user completely stable to support heavy weight and high pressure. It is also easy to store, making it the best home gym squat machine.
  • HIGH DENSITY PADDING- 2. 5” thick, dual layered padding to withstand high intensity workouts. Designed with thicker padding at the end of calf pad for comfort behind the knees. Padded ankle rollers keep legs in place during decline exercise. Padded ankle rollers have 6 levels of adjustable height for a suitable design for everyone.
  • LEG ISOLATION EQUIPMENT – Unlike other machines, The Valor Fitness Sissy Squats Machine helps to create an isolated environment where you can work the large muscles at the front of your thigh without overexerting the knees. The leg squat machine is so effective, you won’t have to use machines or equipment with weights an longer!
  • MOBILE EQUIPMENT- Sissy squat bench Includes a non-slip grip handle below the seat and high-impact nylon wheels below the back pad allows for easy mobility. ADDITIONAL- Footprint measures 45” x 29”, with a maximum adjustable height of 19.5”. Max weight load of 1, 000 lb. Meant for light-commercial use.


The Valor Fitness Sissy Squat Machine SS-Y is a heavy-duty, space-saving workout equipment designed to target your quads, glutes, and core effectively. With its solid stainless steel base and high-density padding, this squat machine ensures stability and comfort during intense workouts. Featuring leg isolation technology, this machine allows you to work on your thigh muscles without straining your knees. The adjustable padded ankle rollers and non-slip grip handle provide added convenience and support. Easy to store and move around, this sissy squat machine is ideal for home or light-commercial use, offering a maximum weight load of 1,000 lb. Strengthen and tone your lower body with this versatile and efficient gym equipment from Valor Fitness.

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Dimensions 45.0 × 29.0 × 19.5 cm